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Who we are

The Stoked are a seven piece progressive rock band consisting of local Cape Town kids -some real home-grown talent with deep roots in the surfing south. 

The bands influences reflect progressive rock sounds of the 70's & include groups like The Who, Rush & Led Zeppelin-With the song writing talent of Hanna Eyre & composition skills of each member in the band they have a large collection of original music lined up for production , arrangement , recording & ultimately their first album (Iron Tree). 

As the name suggests, The Stoked are part of the local surf scene with the boys in the band all getting their fair share of the south’s waves from The Kom to The Berg & beyond. The band recently featured on SABC3’s morning Espresso show to huge acclaim

Tom - Drums
Zac - Guitar
Talah - Bass
Hanna - Vocals
Auran - Keyboard
Ben C - Guitar
Ben vH - Guitar

Our vibes

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